My Summer Life…

Taking a break from work for this entry… work, work, work

I often think about my poor overworked and under-rested body. Physically and mentally exhausted after a day of staring into the infinite depths of a glowing screen, mindlessly clicking, scrolling and entering repetitive keyboard commands (of which subsequently attempt to find purpose in normal life), and exercising near the extent of collapse and burning lungs and muscles. When time and energy permits during an average weekday I also attempt to cook something edible, practice music for an instrument considered storage for the past 3 years, read and write blog entries, and work on an architecture competition proving beyond my individual capabilities. Sounds fun right? Do not however misconstrue my life. I find immense joy in everything forementioned (except perhaps the maddening computer work), and I still hang with friends, go to the beach, play video games, and everything else that keeps me sane…

Mentioning fun on weekends, I absolutely cannot wait for this week to end. I’ll be sitting on a plane en-route to Chicago Friday night to visit my friend Jon for the weekend. I’m super excited, considering my previous trip to Chicago was, if I’m not mistaken, in 2007. Jon told me he plans to introduce me to some of the local hangouts and I personally started researching places to eat (I have no knowledge of Jon’s taste in food)… Top of my list: Chicago pizza *initiate drooling* Oh, and I told my boss where I was going, and he told me to take Monday off… fan-fuckin’-tastic

2 notes   -  20 June 2011
2 notes
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